Stop kalken med AMTech kalkknuser 100

Many places in Denmark have water in the taps a very high calcium content. It is not in itself a problem.

The problem is that the lime collecting in large and long chains of the lime crystals. The crystals clinging together and stick to all that water comes in contact with, on its way through the house: Water pipes, water heaters, faucets, basins, tiles, dishwashers, washing machines, coffee machines, etc.

Amtech has developed a system that is capable of breaking the lime crystals by means of a special technique based on ultrasound. This technique prevents the lime from gathering, and form hard deposits, as we know from scaled installations and wet areas. The technique also makes that also calcareous deposits degrade. For example. in water pipes and toilet bowls!

The energy Amtech lime crusher 100 provides the water, allows the water takes on the character of soft water (containing the same amount of lime, however, as previously).

The treated water will be on its way through the tubes and the like.attract additional lime crystals, and it is, therefore, that tubing and sanitary gradually will contain less and less lime.

Good for the house, economy and environment
With Amtech limestone crusher 100, the consumption of detergents, washing powder, shampoo and soap reduced by at least 25%, and in some cases even up to more than 40%.

It is important in this regard in the first weeks to be aware of the added amount of laundry detergent, and constantly vary the amount added until the result is top notch.

Calcite crystals clustered in untreated water.
calcite crystals treated with Amtech limestone crusher 100th

When washing machines, dishwashers, past consumption and water hardness is different, it’s a good idea to try them for the first few weeks.

Scale remover, descaling and softener for clothes omitted entirely, and overall, a family can save around kr. 2,600, – a year on this account.